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Opera on the web

Year: 2010

Client: Sibelius Academy

Task: Programming

Tech: Adobe Flash, AS3

Opera on the web is an educational game demo about opera. It was created as a collaboration project between students and alumni of Aalto University and Sibelius Academy.

It was part of a project which aimed to teach about Finnish opera at different levels of basic education.

The team:

Team leader and producer: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Product manager: Liisa Tervinen
Expert (history of Finnish music): Matti Huttunen
Expert: Heidi Westerlund
Expert (pedagogy): Leena Unkari-Virtanen
Animations & interaction design: Linda Kronman
Co-ordinator: Outi Parkkila
Developer: Juho Jouhtimäki
Visual & initial concept: Virva E. Auvinen
Sound designer: Dimitri Paile

The demo can be played at

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